You Can Have a Photo Plate With an Engraved Image

3D Crystal Portrait! How amazing would that be? What an amazing concept, and how great would the result be? Everyone who is old enough has been told that they have a memory like a grain of sand. I would have thought a grain of sand would not have been so beautiful as a crystal photo of their memory.

I remember my Grandmother telling me the story about the young lady who was given a tiny Crystal that was placed in her hands and then they put a crown over it for protection. She used that Crystal to give her memory to remember her Grandfather. My Grandmother’s Crystal has remained with me ever since. When I think of my Grandmother I think of the little crystal… the tiny little crystal. The young woman went on a mission to go to the West Indies, and in this adventure, she made a terrible discovery. It took ten years before she was able to return home. But, even after ten years she kept the crystal in her ear, and every time she turned around, it showed her a little memory of her trip.

I want to take my memory to another level. I want my memory to show people how I feel about the things that I have learned during my life. I want my memory to show people what I believe and I want it to show them what I have done. I want my memory to show people what they are missing out on by not learning more from me. I want my memory to show people about me… how I think, and I want my memory to show people my passions… what I am passionate about. And I also want my memory to show people about my family and friends.

I have a friend who loves to cook and loves to entertain, but she does not get enough time to do so when she lives so far away from family and friends. She loves to go to some of the places that my family and friends have always dreamed of going. But, her time is precious, and she cannot make it all of the time she would love if she had one of these photo plates, with an engraved picture of her loved ones, and then they had a picture of her as well.

It is a great idea for such a gift, because every time she is reminded of her family and friends, she can see them again in her mind’s eye. It is a wonderful reminder of those wonderful people who are now long gone.

Why not consider making your own personalized plates? You can make your very own photo plate… one of a kind with the most amazing memories, or even make one for yourself. Your picture will be taken onto a 3D crystal and it will be the best gift you have ever received.